Tha Recipe



альбомы: Love, Life, Loyalty
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 1040 просмотров
[Verse 1:]
Man I feel fine, man I be flying cause I’m on cloud 9 like all the time
I be in the sky
Like I just climbed that bean stock, like Tarzan climbing these vines
Baggin’ all the Janes, shorties think that I’m fine
Get up out of my lane, 'fore your whip get fined
Running my city while I’m on this train of thought, thinking bout what line to rhyme
Ain’t defined by the money or the chain I got, but it sure helps baggin’ these dimes
Working all the time, sweat, tears, and the vain I popped just cause a youngin’s tryna get signed
Looking real fine, prolly give the best brain my God, we ain’t never cuffin’ no slime
Tryna get mine, cause every single thing I bought ain’t never give a homie no smile
Money can't buy happiness, and everybody’s fake like actresses
And they think that you boutta get changed like sheets when you got urine stains on your mattresses
All I ever do is entertain the masses trick
From Massachusetts
I mastered it
Now they asking “who’s this”
Was an average kid
But now I’m rapping ruthless
Called Shaggy and Freddy man it’s a pity you clueless
Im the actually yeti, I’m snow cold, I’m cool kid
Put on for my city, I’m on point like toothpicks
Milli dollar flow, I don’t need your 2 cents
I’m too sick, swear I’m spittin’ like I was toothless
Asking me where the proof is
Ain’t need no instrumental, man my voice is acoustic
Ain’t following no rules, I just do what I do since
I ain’t sticking to the script even if it’s a glue stick
Come ride with a G
Black ice on the floor, come slide with a G
Shorty if you want more, I supply what you need
Swear to God that your man ain’t flyer than me
Let me take you off your feet, shorty tell me what you see
High as heaven gates, girl guess who got the key
That’s right
That Rap God ,with bars that will make your bro clap and applaud
I can prob make your broad come and dance for a star
And she down for the cause, cause I sound like a boss
That’s shouts to Rick Ross
Attracted to lights like thousands of moths
Dusk til’ dawn, I grind til’ the morn
Know it’s my time, don’t got to wait long
When im writing these rhymes, I could never be wrong
Do it big like a whale, and that’s shouts to Folarin
Это интересно:Bent — дуэт из Ноттингема в Англии, состоящий из Саймона Миллза (Simon Mills) и Нэйла Толлидэя (Nail Tolliday). Дуэт играет электронную музыку и появился в 1999 году. Bent выступают в клубе Fabric по четвергам и являются одними из самых загадочных и интригующих резидентов. Музыка, которую они делают в рамках проекта Bent очень тяжело отнести к какому-либо стилю. Это смесь из retro jazz,... продолжение
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