It Amazes Me


John Denver

жанры: singer-songwriter
альбомы: Greatest Hits, The Country Roads Collection, The Essential John Denver
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1175 просмотров
He came looking for the answers
To some questions on his mind
Seeking truth and understanding
In the hope that he would findA way to better serve his brothers
And his sisters in the sun
Sharing all that he was given
Giving all to everyoneCome and listen to the story
Of a journey once begun
Of a people and their plenty
And their season in the sunAnd how they gave themselves to symbols
And things that they could hold
Living lives in desperation
In the fear of letting goIt amazes me and I know the wind
Will surely someday blow it all away
It amazes me and I'm so very grateful
That you made the world this wayFor our plans have come together now
Where do we go from here?
Will our differences divide us?
Must we always live in fear?For there are things that we must move through
Some things to cast aside
But our father watches over us
Our mother will provideIt amazes me and I know the wind
Will someday surely blow it all away
It amazes me and I'm so very grateful
That you made the world this wayIt amazes me
It amazes me
It amazes me
Это интересно:Джон Денвер (John Denver, наст. имя Henry John Deutschendorf Jr., 31 декабря 1943 — 12 октября 1997) — американский бард, самый коммерчески успешный сольный исполнитель в истории фолк-музыки. За свою карьеру он записал более 300 песен, большинство из которых сам же и написал (пример — Take Me Home Country Roads).В конце 1960-х годов Денвер выступал в составе трио Чэда Митчелла, однако с 1969 года посвятил себя сольной карьере.... продолжение
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