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Only wrote



альбомы: Tigershaped
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 852 просмотра
What you know about that Whiskey and Root Beer?

[57 Pixels]
Yo, ProXy. Hit that shit

[Verse I: ProXy]
Let me tell you a story about a miny cock bitch
Call him? Yeah, that;s something I decided to stop quick
Reps Detroit, but lives 40 minutes away
Watch this, he got my heart straight feeling astray
Now I'm stuck here in confusion
Was the whole time just a damn illusion?
My dreams; you used to wipe your ass after poopin
Detroit vs Texans, depending on Hansen
He flexin', and wreckin' the next one
By guessin' a field goal
We stole that from them
I guess Kid rock didn't have enough soul
Respect to Detroit this ain't about y'all
I just had to make sure he saw his call
Hockey was his thing, you tried to go pro
Two years out of school, ain't nothing to show
The slut's from what? Lake Orion
I put in work, but he faked tryin'
Now I'm just here laying baked and cryin'
Alcohol was my only escape
Put this situation underneath the best drape
Yeah, I'm a clown and all
Doesn't mean I can't have a down fall
I stand now tall, fuck that guy he ain't worth my time
I'm a senior and now its my time to shine
Twenty-four years old, thinking he's bold
Messing with a seventeen year old, making her fold

[Hook: ProXy]
I straight pranked yo ass
I want to sit down and thank yo ass
For being so motherfucking fake and trash
You made me hard and strong like a paperback
Counting down the days on my almanac
I fucking hate you Max
[Verse II: ProXy]
December 29, 2011
That whole night I was chat roulettin'
First it was FaceBook, then it was Skype
Those were the days, look it was all a heist
Stealing all the alcohol, escaping your mess
Delete from Skype, I guess that was for the best
We don't even talk after all that dumb time
I guess being together is appearing sublime
I can't stop looking at you so love blind-
Ed is shitting, you want to leave? Fuck, fine
Who needs someone like you? A poor bitch
It was my friends? Nah, I was the corporate
It was worth it, and your reaction was straight perfect
But now I got to deal with some more shit
Plus you ain't classy as shit
That's why you never got a peep at the tit
I told all about you where you reside and shit
Flipped out on me, left me feeling stray and dry, dumb trick
Fuck this, it was aiming for good but my luck missed
Empty beer cans in the back of my truck
Crying my eyes out when you ain't worth a buck
Because of you I can't believe I sat in the mud
For fuck sake why'd you do it
I loved you, and you blew it
And you still don't even get

Это интересно:Женя Пожарнов aka Proxy - 25-летний молодой продюсер из Орехово-Зуево, по молодости увлекавшийся брэйкдансом и слушавший Public Enemy, Onyx, Cypress Hill, ныне сочиняющий музыку в подвале местной школы, переоборудованной под студию. За последнее время, он - лучшее приобретение канадского лэйбла Turbo Recordings, хозяином которого является Tiga.Пит Тонг назвал Proxy электронным прорывом 2007 года, а в послужном списке... продолжение
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